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Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

Your June Horoscope by Susan Miller

The month comes in like a whisper, with the Sun, new moon, and Venus all filling your twelfth house of privacy and rest. You will be getting ready to celebrate your birthday, so take time now to decide how you envision your twelve months ahead. What would you like to see happen by this time next year? Who would you like to see more of in your year ahead? How is your career going? Is it bringing you a sense of passion and purpose, or would you like to make adjustments?

As I watched the CBS This Morning show, a morning TV news program that comes on at 7 to 9 AM, Gayle King was introducing a man who had studied the topic of happiness, and he said he had come to the conclusion that true happiness, at least in men, was based on closeness of feelings for family and friends, and other attachments we make in life. That news is not what struck me because I had heard similar studies in the past with the same conclusions. What hit me was Gayle King's introduction - when she said to viewers, "If you were investing in the happiness of your future self, what would you do to make it happen?" I love that question, so I had to pose it to you today. You will be highly intuitive this month, and so if you come up with an answer and yet can find no reasons or facts to back up what you say, those reasons will come in time. Listen to...

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