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Taurus (April 20- May 20)

Your June Horoscope by Susan Miller

This month will strongly emphasize money, in terms of earning more money, paying out money you owe, and purchasing things you want and need. Career may bring surprises, and opportunities for love will be there for the taking. You have a solid month in store so let's get started.

The month starts off with Saturn opposed to the Sun, the one difficult aspect you will need to steer clear of to keep your sanity. The areas that this aspect will cut across are your two financial houses, so you may feel short of cash, or depressed with how your determined efforts to make more money are being thwarted. This is only temporary, not a sign that you are necessarily doing anything wrong. Your Sun rules your home and other real estate you may own or rent, and this is where your attention is likely to be drawn. Alternatively, it may be that you will want to help someone in your family - most likely one of your parents - who may need your help, and if so, you will have to drop everything to lend a hand. It takes most people a lot of courage to come to the point of asking for help, so once someone does ask, I feel we should help, especially if this person...

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